Everyone makes mistakes, everyone makes bad choices... some worse than others. Now imagine a series of bad choices lead to a 20-year prison sentence. What would you do? How would you change?

Would you give up and ride that downward spiral? 
Would you find hope and do whatever it takes to turn your problem into a gift?

What you're about to hear is an amazing, candid conversation with Rob, who admittedly, made a big mistake, and went to prison to pay his dues.

However, somehow he was able to transform all that adversity and two failed businesses into a thriving life and business.

Today, Rob operates an extremely successful CrossFit gym in Oklahoma City making a big positive impact on many people's lives.

Learn from Rob's mistakes so you can avoid the pain of making them. Get inspired by his wins so you can model it in your own life and business.

I know you are absolutely going to enjoy every minute of this.

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[1:56]  – Rob tells about who he was before and how he ended up in prison.

[14:32]  – What is the main difference between life outside of prison and inside the prison?

[17:35]  – What parallels can you draw between what you've experienced in actual prison and what some people think that, in their mind, they're in prison?

[20:37]  – Why the people who immigrate to the United States from third-world countries and become doctors and lawyers.

[21:26]  – What Rob does during the moments when first-world problems get the best of him making him upset and frustrated about something.

[23:43]  – The Key Questions Rob asked himself when he found himself in prison.

[26:39]  – What do you think was the difference between you and those other inmates who were wasting their time?

[31:32]  – What are some other questions that you were asking yourself back then in prison?

[32:53]  – What is the next best way to create that contrast you've experienced and which has driven you without getting oneself into prison?

[32:53]  – Working at Big Truck Tacos and why it was so important for Rob's future success.

[38:30]  – "There is always another level that you can take it up to."

[39:26]  – About Rob's experience with Bedros Keuilian, one of his very first mentors.

[40:53]  – The special Mastermind event with Bedros Keuilian that made a huge difference in Rob's business!

[43:51]  – The 7 powerful words Bedros said to Rob which you will rarely hear from your friends and colleagues.

[43:51]  –
Craig Ballantyne's very first coaching assignment to Rob.

[43:51]  – How Rob's mornings have changed after getting coaching from

[43:51]  – Rob's advice for improving mental toughness.

[53:33]  – How Rob delivers greater impact on the people he works with.

[58:26]  – An important lesson learned from Rob's 16 year old daughter.

[1:01:16]  – What 3 things do you need in order to THRIVE during a typical day?

[1:05:50]  – What is your personal definition of a Thriving Life?

[1:07:15]  – Could you tell me a little bit about your CrossFit gym called Twice Bitten CrossFit in Oklahoma City? How can the listener get in touch with you?

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