Dr. Aumatma Shah gives expert advice to women on how to get healthier, feel better in their bodies, and regulate their hormones.

Most busy business women choose to wait until later in their life to have children, this causing a growing rate of infertility (1-6 couples over the age of 35)

Today, we're going to talk about the holistic approach to conceiving naturally, and how to heal your body, mind, and spirit.

[2:33] What have you discovered in the process of writing and researching for your book, specifically about our society's approach to "baby making"?

[6:16] What does conventional medicine say about female fertility and what happens to it over time?

[8:39] Why is the holistic approach to conceiving naturally so important? What is holistic approach to conceiving naturally?

[11:24] Why would someone want to go the holistic route of conceiving naturally?

[15:51] When they come to you after trying IVF, how old are those women on average?

[16:46] What is IVF in simple words?

[17:39] How does the process work on a step-by-step basis?

[23:40] Do you detox both the man and the woman? Does the detox process look different for the man and the woman?

[24:57] How big of an impact does the man's health have on the whole process of conceiving naturally?

[31:54] In general, does the age have an impact on whether a baby with birth defects or genetic abnormalities is born?

[37:35] What can men and women do to remain futile in older age as a result of their choices?

[40:28] What do you mean when you say gluten?

[41:56] What contains gluten?

[15:20] Some people, depending on their genetic make up and their ancestry, are able to process gluten better than others, right?

[45:37] What is your opinion on women taking oral contraceptives?

[51:10] Are there any solutions for the busy businesswoman, a boss lady, who is not planning to get pregnant any time soon and she realizes that it's not safe to take contraceptives?

[52:31] What's the best way to get in touch with you?

[53:48] What are the most common "roadblocks" that might get in the way when wanting to use holistic approach to conceiving naturally?

[57:20] Is it important for a woman to have babies? If she doesn't have any babies, does it affect her future life?

[1:00:59] What role does inflammation play in fertility? What is inflammation really?

[1:03:31] Is the cause of gut inflammation the lack of good bacteria in the gut?

[1:08:56] It's easy for anyone to fall into the trap of thinking that the amount of probiotics in a kefir drink or kombucha is enough and is even the right type of probiotics that one needs.

[1:12:45] What is your definition of a Thriving Life?​

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