​Legs and feet are often forgotten parts of our bodies, yet they’re incredibly important for our everyday living. We use our legs and feet EVERY SINGLE DAY since the day we learn to walk.

Grant Duong is a podiatrist from Sydney, Australia. Podiatry is a medical field that specializes in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of problems and issues that affect the lower limbs, from the lower back right down to our feet.

Did you know that during our lifetime we walk approximately 128,000 km (that’s more than 3 times around the earth!) and every step we take, our feet absorb around 1.5 times our body weight? It’s no wonder then that they contain one of the body’s most complicated structures of ligaments, tendons, nerves and blood vessels, not to mention 33 individual joints. In addition 25% of our entire body’s bones are located in the feet (26 bones in each foot).

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[2:31]  – How is combining family and business working out?

(Grant is a podiatrist and works with his two siblings, his older brother, who is a chiropractor, and his sister, who is an acupuncturist.)

[4:42]  – Grant talks about the transition from student to practitioner.

[6:32]  – What has been the biggest struggle/challenge thus far as a podiatrist and an entrepreneur?

[10:17]  – What made you decide to become a podiatrist?

[15:08]  – What is your most marked character quality as a person?

[16:28]  – What influence Grant's parents had on him becoming the person he is today and possessing those positive character qualities that other people appreciate and enjoy.

[21:58]  – Grant talks about why "immigrants win" and his experience as first generation born from immigrant parents.

[24:35]  – What has been the biggest challenge working with your family in the same business?

[28:48]  – What is your definition of a Thriving Life?

[30:36]  – What are some of the things that you need in order to THRIVE on a typical day?

[31:42]  – How do you educate yourself on daily basis? How do you stay on top of your game?

[37:15]  – How can men and women recognize the difference between good quality shoes and poor quality shoes?

[41:11]  – A step-by-step process for evaluating and buying shoes. (Grant's 5-Step Shoe Check)

[50:51]  – What Grant thinks about the "barefoot" type of shoes.

[56:39]  – How I prepared for running a marathon.

[59:49]  – What kind of injuries improper footwear and incorrect walking/running can cause? How can one avoid involuntarily injuring their feet?

[1:09:34]  – What are the 5 most common foot problems people get?

[1:10:32]  – What are those 5 common foot problems caused by?

[1:17:02]  – What are some of the most commonly asked questions you get as a podiatrist, Grant?

[1:18:22]  – Why there are always ways to improve one's foot health, unless...

[1:21:04]  – What are some of the ways to combat smelly feet?

[1:24:40]  – Like walking barefoot in public places? Make sure to listen to this!

[1:28:25]  – What is warts?

[1:33:17]  – Grant gives tips on how to improve your overall foot health.

[1:39:18]  – The best ways to get in touch with Grant Duong.

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