Feet are a forgotten part of the body, yet they’re incredibly important. In this episode, Grant reveals practical tools and advice for women and men of all ages who want to keep their feet healthy for years to come.

Grant Duong is a podiatrist from Sydney, Australia. Podiatry is a medical field that specializes in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of problems and issues that affect the lower limbs, from the lower back right down to our feet.

Did you know that during our lifetime we walk approximately 128,000 km (that’s more than 3 times around the earth!) and every step we take, our feet absorb around 1.5 times our body weight? It’s no wonder then that they contain one of the body’s most complicated structures of ligaments, tendons, nerves and blood vessels, not to mention 33 individual joints. In addition 25% of our entire body’s bones are located in the feet (26 bones in each foot).

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