Hello and welcome to the Thriving Life Club! My name is Leon ​Brie and I will be your host.

I started the Thriving Life Club podcast to find answers to certain life questions, and it's a great excuse for meeting best selling authors, world's top-performing business leaders, experts and people who have reached success in whatever they do.

Look, I'm just a regular guy who has good moments and not so good moments in life... I feel happy sometime and sometimes I feel frustrated. I am not perfect and I'm still looking for ways to improve the quality of my life. I'll be meeting with interesting people, asking them questions and looking forward to getting inspired by their stories. 

Stick around for a while, listen to several episodes, leave a review on iTunes, check out the website located at ThrivingLifeClub.com for the show notes and freebies... I have a feeling that maybe just maybe you will hear something that will hit home for you, a message shared by one of my guests might resonate with you, you might catch a small tidbit that will positively impact your reality, you might feel inspired by one of the episodes and go on to accomplish great things. Everything is possible.

The three main areas we'll be focusing on are Physical Health , Success Mindset, and Money/Finance.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Send me an email with any feedback you have, feel free share your story with me, or just to say hi... the email address is hello@thrivinglifeclub.com

Thanks for spending time with me during the future episodes and once again, welcome to the club!

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