Ben Turshen is a master teacher of Vedic Meditation, a Breathwork practitioner, and a Personal Coach who used to be an attorney practicing corporate law and used to suffer from anxiety, depression, insomnia, ​panic attacks, and was depend​ing on a long list of ​prescription medications with all kinds of side effects just to feel okay.

​In this episode you'​ll discover how Ben was able to transform from a depressed lawyer having panic attacks and hating his job into a blissful teacher of Vedic Meditation, loving his job and his life.

Ben’s mission is to provide his students with the highest quality instruction and support in tools that promote immediate, profound and sustainable personal growth and development.

Get ready to discover the story of Ben's transformation and what Vedic Meditation had to do with it on Episode 20.

Episode Notes

[15:20] This is a test

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