Our today's guest is Dr. Jen Esquer. She says that "becoming educated on what is going on with your body is the most powerful piece of knowledge for establishing health and longevity for a pain-free and active lifestyle!"

Through her programs, workshops, and one on one treatments, Jen helps people relieve painprevent injuryoptimize movementlift heaviersquat lower and run faster

Here are ​seven professional facts about her:

  1. Used to be a gymnast for 9 years (from 7 to 16 years old)
  2. Has been a pilates instructor for 6 years
  3. Has Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology from California State University, Fullerton
  4. Received her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Loma Linda University
  5. Creator of The Mobility Method and Optimal Body programs
  6. On the advisory board of Strong Fitness Magazine
  7. ​Has studied Myodetox directly under co-founder, Vinh Pham (@VinnieRehab), took a RockTape course with @TheMovementMaestro herself, and learned from many others professionals in the rehab game

Jen's mission is to heal the world and according to her, the best way to do that is through empowering individuals to learn how to heal themselves. 

Get ready to discover Jen's secrets, tips and strategies for regaining full body mobility on Episode 19.

Episode Notes

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